The Best Organic Mattress for Kids – Una Junior Mattress™


Top quality for more energy during your day

Get the ultimate comfort in your bedroom today!

Top quality for more energy during your day

Get the ultimate comfortin your bedroom today!

The Best Organic Mattress for Kids – Una Junior Mattress™

  • 100% organic, with 2 Comfort Layers™. Medium-firmer side perfect for youngsters aged 3-11 and medium-softer side for when they are between 12-17
100 Night Happiness Guarantee and 10 Year Warranty

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"We had been looking for a mattress for about a year, but after much research I stumbled across Una. I have waited a year to see if the comfortable bliss we found when sleeping on their mattress would subside and all I can say is it has been the best money we've ever spent. So much so I bought their pillow for my husband who now sleeps like a log."


Trustpilot Review

"Without doubt the best thing I have purchased in decades. This is money well spent. The mattress is so comfortable, and it feels just as heavenly to know it is made from such amazing materials. Amazing team at UNA too. Thank you so much; I love it and so does my sleep"


Trustpilot Review

"Brilliant mattresses, firm yet forgiving, much more comfortable than so-called memory foams or contour-hugging mattresses, and they just FEEL great... they have that X factor that makes you really enjoy lying on them."

Kevin H

Trustpilot Review

Healthy For You, Better For The Planet.

It’s 2022. Let’s ditch the chemical foams, fire retardants and micro plastics found in 95% of all foam mattresses. Una is made from only the finest organic certified natural materials. Handmade to the highest social and environmental independently certified standards, it’s a climate-friendly mattress with a negative carbon footprint that is durable too, lasting up to 20 years. At Una Organic we are passionate about healthy and planet friendly products. 💚

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Ultimate Adjustable Comfort

Super Soft Organic Wool & Cotton Cover

Allows air and moisture to circulate naturally so your little one doesn’t get hot and bothered.

Organic Comfort Layers

Comfy layers of all-natural latex foam – one medium and one medium-soft. Each layer has 7 zones that gently support your child’s body contours.

Comfort You Can Customise

Simply arrange the layers of your mattress in the order that’s comfiest to your child, zip up the cover – and sweet dreams.

Kids mattress details updates 1 1
Kids mattress details updates 1 1

Comfort Your Way

Everyone has their individual preferences for the firmness of a mattress. That is why we have developed the Una Junior Mattress so that you can choose from 2 firmnesses. Medium-firmer side perfect for youngsters aged 3-11 and medium-softer side for when they are between 12-17 This is possible through firmer and softer layers, which you can swap according to your childs preference and age.

  • Adjustable firmness
  • Premium mattress with 7 zones
  • Belly sleeper, side sleeper, back sleeper: restful sleep in any position </li style="font-size: 18px; font-weight: 400; line-height: 35px;">
  • 100% natural: no unpleasant chemicals, no microplastics
  • Free delivery & collection
  • Easy delivery & returns in small handy sized boxes

Product Technical Details

Organic latex core: GOLS organic certified natural latex 13 cm height Organic cover: GOTS organic certified fabric made of 70% organic cotton and 30% organic wool. YKK premium zipper.  If necessary you can easily spot clean with mild soap and water. No washing machine or dry cleaning necessary! Some customers report back successfully washing the cover on a cold gentle wool/hand wash, however, we cannot take responsibility if for any reason the cover would shrink. If necessary, a new cover can be purchased – just get in touch with us!
Organic Foam Densities
The medium layer has a density of 80 Kg/m3. The softer layer has a density of 70 Kg/m3.
Maximum Weight
The maximum recommended weight of a 90x200cm mattress is 80kg
Design And Manufacture
Una is designed and engineered in Germany and lovingly and fairly made in India (which is where the organic materials grow).
Delivery & Returns
Delivery- Your order will be delivered working days for free by DPD. You will be able to track your delivery every step of the way and even change the day to suit you. Returns & Refunds – With our satisfaction guarantee you can have your order collected and fully refunded within 100 days of delivery. Just keep the original packaging until you know you are completely happy with your Una. We know you’ll love your Una, but if not just contact us and we will organize the return and give you your money back. Satisfaction guaranteed.
10 Year Guarantee – It’s good to know all Una mattresses come with a pro-rata 10 year guarantee of faults in workmanship or materials. In fact natural latex mattresses are known to be incredibly durable lasting up to 15 to 20 years.
100 Night Trial
Satisfaction Guaranteed – We’re sure you’ll love your Una mattress. But if you’re not smitten after 100 nights, we’ll pick it up for free and give you a full refund.

Quick & Simple Setup

Frustration-free packaging: Just unpack (and pack if you are not satisfied after 100 nights)

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Better For You

There’s nothing nasty in an Una Mattress™. Our certified 100% organic materials mean you can relax without a care. The comfy latex is tapped from groves of Hevea trees, without adding smelly petrochemicals. And who needs fire-retardant chemicals when our soft organic wool and cotton cover does the job naturally and safely? You and your family can breathe easy, right from the first night.

Organic and carbon neutral comes as standard with Una

Order the highest standard on the market with a climate neutral & organic certified super comfy mattress. Comfort and sustainability redefined for your best night's sleep and a healthy planet!

Organic and carbon neutral comes as standard with Una

Order the highest standard on the market with a climate neutral & organic certified super comfy mattress. Comfort and sustainability redefined for your best night's sleep and a healthy planet!
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Better For The Planet Too

As well as being healthy for you, your Una is kinder to the environment. There’s no need for yucky petroleum based foam, industrial glues and the harmful footprints they leave behind. The latex in your Una is simply tapped from groves of organic certified Hevea trees, fighting climate change in the process by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air every day. And who needs polluting (regular) cotton or polyester covers when an organic certified, pesticide-free wool and cotton cover does a superior job naturally?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any chemical fire retardants, glues, synthetic foams or other additives in an Una Mattress?
An Una Mattress™ is a pure as can be containing ONLY the finest natural sleep materials namely organic certified natural latex foam (in 3 firmnesses), organic cotton, organic wool. The wool in the cover and some natural carbon in our organic latex ensures Una products meet all UK fire safety regulations naturally. That means absolutely no potentially harmful fire retardant chemicals, no glues, no pesticide and herbicide residues, or yucky petroleum-based foams. You and your family can fully relax and breathe easy on your Una.
How do I personalise/configure the firmness of my Una Mattress?
Una is the world’s first organic optimizer mattress which means you can tweak the firmness of this amazing natural mattress to perfection. For extra softness have the soft on top the medium in the middle and the firm at the bottom. If you need some initial softness combined with firmer support then try soft on the top, firm in the middle and medium at the bottom. For a medium feel put medium on top soft in the middle and firm at the bottom. For a firm feel have the firm on top medium in the middle and soft at the bottom or medium on top and firm in the middle for a medium-firm feel. Side sleepers and light body types tend to need a softer feel. Front and back sleepers and heavier body types tend to need a firmer feel for a perfect spinal alignment. Your personal preference is also important of course ? Just unzip your cover, roll up and remove the organic foam layers and unroll them back inside the cover in the order you want them. Roll it, Zip It, Love it. Do it with two people, it’s that simple.
Are Una products climate friendly?
95% of all foam mattresses are made from fossil fuel synthetic foams and a carbon footprint to match. At Una we are passionate about a great night’s sleep that doesn’t cost the earth. Una products are carbon negative, climate friendly products. The trees from which sap is tapped to make our organic foam remove more carbon each year than what is needed to make and transport the mattress. In addition we donate regularly to rewilding and reforestation initiatives like ?
What is an organic mattress? And why are they becoming so popular?
A genuine organic mattress is made from 100% certified organic natural materials. Be sure to look out for organic certificates for all covering and filling materials. An Una mattress is made only from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic certified cotton/wool blend cover and 100% GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified organic latex foam.
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The Best Organic Mattress for Kids & Teens – Una Junior

Una Junior is a natural latex mattress, made to support your child from toddler to teen. Made from 100% organic certified materials, it’s made from natural latex and no chemical nasties. Our organic mattress for children features two firmnesses – a firm side for 3-11 years old and a softer mattress for between 12-17. It’s a mattress that grows with them!
Why choose an organic mattress for your kids?

Our organic mattress is ideal for children, as it isn’t filled with extra chemicals and fire retardants. We’re proud to offer a non-toxic, chemical-free mattress, sized especially for kids. They have natural anti-allergy properties and are made from climate-friendly organic latex. Best of all, our organic kids’ mattresses are ideal for a sustainable, eco-conscious lifestyle.

Buy a high-quality organic children’s mattress online

If you’re aiming for a greener lifestyle, Una Junior is the best organic mattress for kids. Discover the collection of Una Eco Mattresses, including our organic mattress for babies, our Delux and Essential mattresses, and matching latex mattress topper and foam pillow. All Una products are made with luxury natural materials and feature adjustable firmness.