This is how we manufacture your Una mattress

We grow our Hevea trees (Latin: Hevea Braseliensis) on organic certified plantations without any chemicals or other toxic substances. They provide the raw material for our organic natural latex foam. The Hevea trees have a milky white sap in their bark, which is gently tapped and collected in bowls on the trunk.
The plantations are 100% organic. Every single tree has a life of at least 40 years maximising sustainability. The natural latex foam is 100% organic and therefore completely recyclable and biodegradable.
Utilising our 7-zone design steel pin core moulds we transform the Hevea sap into the natural latex foam layers for your Una mattress.
The steel mould has ‘pins’ of varying thickness that create the 7-zone pattern in the foam.
For example, the pins create smaller vertical holes in the foam in the foot zone than in the hip zone. This ensures that your hips sink in a little more than your feet for great spinal alignment and maximum comfort.

Individual adjustable firmness feature:

Our double size mattresses have a full width foam top layer. This means you and your partner can set your own personal firmness all within one seamless mattress!
Each individual mattress layer is given a separate, thin organic cotton cover. All sewn by hand in our workshop in Bavaria (Germany) with a colour coded label stating the firmness and certification information for the organic materials used.
The outer cover of the mattress is also made by hand in Bavaria (Germany) using the finest organic cotton knitted jersey fabric. This gives the mattress a stretchy, soft and very comfortable surface.
Due to its slight stretchiness, the cover surface yields when lying down, allowing it to adapt to your unique body contours. Reinforced sides give the cover extra strength and durability so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

We rely on a market leader for our zippers:

The so-called YKK zippers from Japan are also sewn on site in Bavaria and offer a smooth action even after hundreds of opens and closes.

The unique matching Una pillow:

Our organic natural latex pillow is made in a similar way. The difference is that inside the Una pillow there are small springy flakes of natural latex, which comfortably support your head and neck.
You can easily adjust the height and firmness of your Una pillow. Just open the zip and add or remove one of the two inner pillows.
As a side sleeper, your pillow should be a little higher, as a front or back sleeper, a little thinner.
Easily adjust your Una for your best night’s sleep.