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Our philosophy: Unique combination of comfort and sustainability

We believe that comfort and sustainability can be beautifully combined: We have succeeded in doing this with our unique UNA mattress. It is sustainable and natural, consisting only of organic and climate-neutral certified materials. At the same time, it enables you to have your most comfortable and healthy sleep – what more could you ask for?

How we enable you to have restful and healthy sleep

We have been developing organic mattresses for over 30 years. Since then we have pursued a central goal: We want to offer our customers their best night’s sleep on a natural planet friendly mattress. Without chemical smells or substances that cause allergies. This is exactly what our UNA mattress offers you.
It was developed by us in a lengthy and complex process in order to offer you a comfortable sleep. It consists of several layers and can easily be firmness adjusted to your individual needs. It is not only good for you but for the planet too.

Why should I choose a UNA mattress?

Buying a new mattress is an important decision. It is often underestimated how much influence a mattress has on our sleep. Only when we sleep and rest well can we meet the challenges of everyday life with renewed energy and positivity. With our UNA mattress you come a little closer to that.

Healthy and certified organic

UNA mattresses are sustainable and natural. All components are organic and carbon neutral certified from the organic cotton to our organic natural latex. We do not have any chemical smells that you often notice with synthetic mattresses. You don’t have to air out the mattress first. Our UNA mattress is ready for immediate use.
Why is this so important to us? We believe that a comfortable restful sleep can also be sustainable. That it can be achieved without harming the environment. This is exactly what we have achieved with our UNA mattress. Comfort and sustainability are a nice combination – see for yourself!

Comfortable and with layers of varying firmness

To ensure you get your best sleep we have developed a smart modular system with individual natural latex layers, soft, medium and firm. How exactly these are arranged is up to you. You can adjust them at home in just a few simple steps.
By the way, our natural latex is not only sustainable, but also practical. It has continuous air channels and is 80% more breathable than synthetic mattresses: the air can circulate at night so that you don’t overheat which is a common problem with synthetic mattresses.
Each layer has 7 zones. This subtly gives your whole body the right support while sleeping and allows you to fully relax and regenerate. What Una customers also say they love is that they can adjust their mattress to specific life situations like with a sports injury or during pregnancy you may need special support – our mattress can offer you that.

Natural and eco friendly

We have worked hard to optimize our processes and make them as environmentally friendly as possible. For example with our organic cotton.
To ensure that this is made under fair working conditions and that it is actually 100% sustainable, we traveled to India and Sri Lanka ourselves. We got advice on site and worked to optimise the production. Saying “NO” to all pollutants and achieving the cleanest possible footprint.
That’s why our products are 100% GOLS and GOTS certified. GOLS stands for Global Organic Latex Standard. To receive this certificate, a product must contain at least 95% organically certified material. GOTS is the abbreviation for Global Organic Textile Standard. This is a certificate for textiles made from organically produced natural fibers.

A fair price for fantastic quality

We believe that comfort and sustainability should be available to everyone. That is why we make sure that our mattresses are sold at the best possible price and with instalment options. At Una you buy direct ensuring you get the best for a fair price.
And for us, sustainable also means long lasting quality. You get a ten year warranty and from experience we know your Una mattress could even last you as long as 15-20 years!

Test our UNA mattress now. Risk-free for 100 nights

Looking to buy a natural mattress? To ensure you sleep well over the next many years, you should take the time to thoroughly test your new mattress. With Una you can test your mattress risk-free for 100 sleeps. If you are not absolutely 100% happy within 100 days just contact us and we will arrange a free of charge collection and a no-fuss full refund for you.
Contact us if you have any further questions about our sustainability, comfort or the modular design. We’re happy to advise you.