Customer’s feedback has shown to ask for the possibility of different heights in the Una PillowTM. Fine materials have been used from the start, so there was no need to change that. 100% organic latex flakes inside and 100% organic fine cotton and wool in the cover make the perfect combination for perfect support and breathability. While many were very pleased with the pillow, preferences are as individual as humans themselves, so the possibility of improvement was prominent. The key was to combine those preferences with the necessary support and health benefits the pillow should come with.


Keeping the design simple, while improving the experience is what Una thrived to achieve. Selling multiple different options would have been a possibility but they didn’t want to complicate things for customers, so a different solution needed to be found. Una seems to have found a different way to please everyone – height adjustable, organic pillows for all.


Una Mattress have been listening to their customers from day one and acted accordingly. “We realised there needs to be, just like with the mattress itself, the possibility of individuality in the pillow. That is why we have now improved our Una Pillow to be height adjustable. This way our customers can customise their pillow, even if preferences change over time – we are very pleased with the outcome and are happy about all the positive feedback.” says Roger van der Matten, CEO of Una Mattress.


As mentioned, the response for the better improved Una PillowTM has been very positive. The adjustability seems to have eliminated any issues customers may have had in the original version. Now the pillow suits a petite frame just as well as someone with broad shoulders. Una Mattress always values feedback from their customers, therefore it is encouraged to let them know your thoughts on already existing or new products. Buy the new improved pillow here