Natural LatexYour sleeping pattern and comfort is greatly influenced by the mattress you are using. There are different varieties of mattress and material to suit every requirement. However, synthetic and natural latex mattresses are highly preferred. Despite the popularity, you must purchase natural latex mattress as they are eco-friendly and can offer you a comfortable and peaceful sleep. Here is a comparison of both, to help you. 

Synthetic Vs. Natural Latex 1

Natural latex mattress 

The natural latex is obtained from sap collected from the rubber trees. This means it contains no synthetic chemicals like styrene-butadiene rubber. Instead, the material is hardened using sulphur treatments at high temperature or is frozen and then hardened. Natural latex is preferred due to its durability and strong support.

Also, natural latex has antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and antifungal properties, making it the perfect choice for sensitive skin people. However, the price of the mattress can vary greatly depending upon the number of fillers added to the mattress for longevity and the purity of natural latex. So first, you can inquire about the percentage of latex present in the mattress. Remember, the higher the percentage will be, the more you have to pay for the purchase. But with the health benefits and safety associated with such mattresses, purchasing them can be highly beneficial. So consider visiting a mattress store to find about the types, availability and price of the mattresses.

Synthetic latex mattress

Synthetic Vs. Natural Latex

A synthetic latex or memory foam is made using petrochemicals which is then combined with a varied amount of natural latex to develop a mattress that can offer comfort. No doubt, a synthetic latex mattress can offer you great comfort, but it can break down faster than natural latex mattresses and even, in some cases, can exhibit chemicals from inside. Besides this, the materials have a great issue with moisture, leading to mould, dust mites, and mildew growth over time. This shows the synthetic latex is a less durable material. However, despite this, the low price of the mattress has made them a popular choice.

You must know synthetic latex mattresses can easily lose their durability. Unless you need a short time mattress that is to be disposed of in a few years, the natural latex mattress is the best choice to have a durable, safe and long-term bedding option. Also, they are the right choice for someone who faces allergy issues and adverse skin reactions due to chemicals. 

Purchase a good natural latex mattress

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