Why an Organic Latex Mattress is right for you

organic latex mattress

When you ask yourself – ‘What’s worth investing in these days?’ – Well, how about the place you go back to every night? – Bed.

Simple really, but it’s so easy to forget, just how a good night’s sleep makes all the difference to one’s health, performance and general well-being, both physically and mentally. What’s more, the reward of quality sleep reduces stress and increases energy levels, while improving concentration and memory, it also encourages weight-loss, productivity and not forgetting, of course, the most general and all-important, overall happiness.

And as the world faces such troubling times, sleep has never been so important.

Needless to say, because it’s a bit of a no-brainer while being the most basic of necessities, sleep should remain the number-1 priority.

For any bed to provide a consistent good night’s sleep, the most important factor is obviously, the quality of your mattress. But, as you may have already come to realise, the pursuit in purchasing the perfect mattress, meets the mine-field that is – the oversaturated market. With so many options available, it’s difficult to know where best to start. The good news is, we have some guidelines to help you out!

Without further ado, introducing… the latex mattress, or rather, to be more precise, The Una Organic, 100% natural and organically certified latex mattress.

But before exploring the 5 key elements as to why an organic latex mattress is right for you – Comfort, Natural, Healthy, Eco-friendly, and Durable – firstly let’s distinguish between the different forms of latex available to you, both natural and synthetic.


organic latex mattress uk

Natural and Synthetic Latex mattresses


If you didn’t already know, latex is a completely natural material, most commonly associated with rubber trees (Hevea Brasiliensis) originating in Brazil. Latex is simply sourced from the sap which the tree produces. For centuries, this sap has been drawn from the tree and taken for the use of rubber.

Due to its springy, durable and soft natural properties, latex can be crafted as an ideal sleeping surface in the form of a normal mattress. After the milky substance is obtained, latex is then blended with soaps and other ingredients to turn it into a foam. There are 2 common processes to latex mattress making, ‘Dunlop’ and ‘Talalay’.


Dunlop is a simpler method, which sees the latex foam poured with one fluid motion into a mould. This means the mattress will be softer on the surface and harder at the bottom.

On the other hand,

Talalay is more complex. Here, the foam is poured more sporadically, before being vacuum-sealed through a freezing process. The result of which creates a more consistent texture throughout.


However, despite being an all-natural material, latex is often mixed with chemicals and petroleum to make synthetic latex. This is important to note, as the majority of latex mattresses available on the market are synthetic, meaning they are not 100% natural, harmful to the environment, and potentially, even to the individual. The unnatural components of synthetic latex release unhealthy fumes into the atmosphere [and your bedroom], which can cause headaches, dry throats and blocked noses during sleep. Not ideal, and potentially very harmful.

But it is not all doom and gloom, for a natural latex mattress, you can be sure to safe and comfortable, and there are 3 types to choose from:


100% Natural Latex

Hybrid/Blend – natural and synthetic

Gold-Standard – Organically certified


What makes a Gold-Standard, organic latex mattress, is that it has been organically certified. This means in all elements of manufacturing, the manufacturer maintains organic standards consistent with all materials, production, sustainability and fair trade of the product.

Here are the 5 key factors to why a Gold-Standard organic latex mattress is right for you and your family:




Probably the most important aspect to any mattress is its comfortability. Due to the natural elasticity of latex, the mattress is extremely buoyant and supportive to the body, no matter the shape or size of the sleeper. In-fact a third of people who have invested in a latex mattress claim that it provides a significant reduction in pain. Latex mattresses elastic qualities means it is extremely pressure-relieving. No other type of mattress on the market receives such good reviews in the pressure-relieving, pain-reduction department.

Another addition to the comfort, is that Latex ensures excellent spine alignment. While the heavier parts of the body will sink into the surface, lighter parts remain effectively supported. This factor also proves that a latex mattress is ideal for side-sleepers. 


Organic & Natural


With its enormous potential as being a completely natural product – organic and all-natural latex mattresses maintain this standard, which means they do not contain any toxins. The natural quality also means that the mattress will not release unnatural and unhealthy odours into the air, like synthetic latex mattresses, while also being naturally fire-resistant.

Latex is also an extremely breathable material due to its natural open-cell structure. This means you will not overheat while sleeping, with the mattress staying cool at all times, even at the height of summer.




Organic Natural Latex Mattress Essential


A very important and unrivalled feature of an organic latex mattress is its eco-friendliness. Quite frankly, there is no other mattress as environmentally conscious as an organic latex mattress. The rubber tree is not destroyed in the tapping process, so the tree remains healthy to continue to produce the essential sap, year after year, which is grown organically. Rubber trees help remove carbon from the air and help oxygenate the globe on a mass scale. By buying an organic latex mattress, you will be encouraging and maintaining the growth of the rubber tree, while the plantations are managed appropriately to ensure organic standards are met. Therefore, a Gold-Standard organic latex mattress is a completely sustainable product, both for the environment and the individual.



If you’ve made the effort to live a healthier life, why not sleep healthier too? The natural components in an organic latex mattress means it is resistant to dust mites and mould. In being hypoallergenic, an organic latex mattress will not cause any allergies, whilst guaranteeing no toxins or chemicals will enter the atmosphere of your bedroom. Furthermore, in not containing any metal, the mattress will not transmit any electromagnetic radiation.



If you’re purchasing a mattress, you obviously want it to stand the test-of-time. A Gold-standard organic latex mattress will most likely outlast any other mattress on the market. This guarantee of longevity is why so many organic latex mattress owners are so satisfied with their purchase.


UNA Gold-Standard Organic Latex Mattress


A superb example of Gold-Standard, organic latex mattress manufacturing are our very own! Explore your mattress options here!

Tapped from the groves of sustainable hevea tree plantations, Una provides a 100% organic latex mattress with 7 layers to comfort the body. The mattress is encased in an organic wool and cotton cover, allowing air and moisture to circulate naturally. Any Una mattress can even be deconstructed, in order to tailor-fit any body type. The UNA mattress is complete in being all-natural, environmentally sustainable, durable but crucially, offers the perfect night’s sleep.


So why not reward and explore our organic Una mattress collection today!