Ethical Bedding


So, you haven’t heard about ethical bedding before?

Worry not, we’re about to tell you all you need to know.

For a truly peaceful sleep, you will want to make sure that the mattress you are lying on, and the bedding you’re cuddling into, have all come from ethical and sustainable sources!

You want to know that the people who made your mattress and bedding were paid and treated fairly, whilst the materials the mattress and bedding are made from are kind to your skin, and kind to the planet.

At Una, we’ll partner you up with your perfect sustainable and ethical mattress.

And for all your ethical bedding needs?

We recommend checking out the Ethical Bedding Company, a British bed linen company who are making ethical sleeping in the UK a whole lot easier!

All of their products are earth friendly, animal friendly and sleep friendly.

They believe quality sleep shouldn’t cost the Earth – and we couldn’t agree more!


What Kinds of Ethical Bedding are There?


Every kind you could imagine!

From duvet covers and flat and fitted sheets, to pillowcases, there are ethical options out there just waiting for you to snuggle into them.

Today we are going to guide you through the beautiful bedding range from the Ethical Bedding Company.

Each and every one of their creations are made from 100% TENCEL lyocell.

TENCEL is an environmentally friendly material made from sustainably sourced Eucalyptus.

The lyocell fibers in TENCEL are strong, excellent at absorbing moisture, and are super gentle on skin, especially so when compared to other manmade materials.  

They are also certified compostable and biodegradable so they will naturally return to the earth once you are done with them.  


Ethical Bed Sheets


Fancy sleeping in simply stylish, sustainable sheets?

Of course you do!

Ethical Bedding Company have flat sheets and fitted sheets to suit your every need.

Keeping things simple, you can choose from three colours, ice white, cool blue or soft grey, for a very tranquil and sustainable sleep.


Ethical Duvet Cover


Now that your sheets are sorted, let’s move onto your duvet!

Comfortable, organic, planet-friendly, and with a beautiful Oxford style border finish, you simply won’t be able to resist these ethical duvet covers.

The hardest decision to make will be what colour to choose from but seeing as Ethical Bedding Company have made sure that ALL their colour options compliment one another, you don’t even need to worry about that.

Get creative through switching up your colour combinations every now and then!


Ethical Pillowcases


Rest your head on a sustainable pillowcase and have the best sleep of your life.

All duvet sets come with two pillowcases, but you can also buy them individually too (right here).

Now you may have heard about the perks of sleeping on silk pillowcases.

Silk pillowcases are meant to be gentler on hair and skin than traditional cotton pillowcases – and rumour has it that silk pillowcases even aid with anti-ageing.

So, we have some good news for you!

These pillows will do EXACTLY the same job.

They will protect your skin and hair, whilst protecting the planet at the same time!


Ethical Mattress (Technically not bedding, but equally as important!)


Okay so now that you’ve got all your ethical bedding sorted, have you got an ethical mattress to go with it?

If not, we’ve got you covered!

We are proudly carbon negative and have thirty years’ experience in magic sustainable mattress making.

That’s right – all of our mattresses are people and planet friendly!

We don’t use any nasty chemicals or glues that you’ll find in other mattresses, and we are Fair & Social Choice certified.

And we don’t stop there! We also donate a percentage of our profits to charities that champion fair working conditions for all.

We take sustainability seriously. That’s why we make mattresses which are built to last – and we give each and every customer a 10-year warranty. That’s how confident we are in our collection!


Ethical, Sustainable & Eco-Friendly


Whatever you’re shopping for, it’s really important that you keep two things in mind. How does the item I’m about to purchase affect people and planet?

Was it made out of sustainably sourced materials, are there any harmful ingredients, and were the people who helped to make it treated fairly?

Your bedroom is an excellent place to start your sustainability journey, and soon you’ll be inspired and excited to make other sustainable switches throughout your home.


Una Mattress Top Pick: The Ethical Bedding Company


When you mix an ethical and sustainable mattress, with ethical and sustainable bedding, you know you’re on your way to a sound sleep and a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle!

We love The Ethical Bedding Company because of how they approach everything they do – with fairness and kindness in mind.

All their products are certified vegan, and they also regularly support environmental charities such as the WWF alongside environmental sustainability initiatives.

When we all do our bit to protect people and planet, we really can make an impact.

You can do your bit by supporting companies who care.

Are you ready to sleep soundly, and sustainably? Check out our awesome range of ethically manufactured mattresses and pillows today. Come join the Una family!


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