Truly Organic pillows are made with exclusively certified organic materials that are non-toxic and chemical-free. 


There is a wide range of synthetic pillows in the market that are made with petroleum-based products and toxic chemicals that can seriously hamper your health and lead to other respiratory issues. 


Our range of organic pillows are specifically designed with top quality organic latex foam flakes to provide the utmost comfort, relaxation and support. At Una Mattress our pillows are handmade to meet the highest social and environmental standards. But What’s even better? 


They are climate-friendly with a negative carbon footprint! 


Organic pillows are considered are a better choice over the regular pillows, that although promise comfort and support, they can seriously impact our health in numerous ways in the long run.


What is organic natural latex?


organic natural latex


Organic natural latex is 100% natural latex without fillers and farmed without the use of pesticides under the supervision of monitoring body(s). 


Organic latex is the cleanest you can buy, not just for you but for the planet as well. It contributes to a cleaner and better sleep in comparison to traditional low-quality foam products available in the market. The extraction process is also environmentally friendly and promotes deep sleep and overnight comfort. 


What is the best organic pillow for side sleepers?


When it comes to sleep – everyone has their own way to sleep. Some are front sleepers, some are back sleepers and some our side sleepers. Our pillows are designed keeping all the sleeping positions (front/back/side) in mind and provide maximum head, neck and shoulder support. 


Considering the majority of us are side sleepers, our pillows provide overall comfort when it comes to firmness, temperature check and naturally breathable fabric.


Natural Latex is not only eco-friendly but is also a far more sustainable material compares to cotton or wool. 


Organic baby pillows


Baby pillows are of paramount importance as baby skin is feather-soft, gentle and some babies are prone to allergies from a very tender age. 


Sustainable options are quite a few and far between compared to the conventional ones in the market. 


Una Mattress’s baby pillows are made with certified organic latex that is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Thus, making them extremely comfortable, cosy, and guarantees a healthy chemical-free sleep for the little ones. Babies tend to wake up a couple of times at night and even more if the pillow is not comfortable or climate-friendly. Our pillows are durable and climate-friendly. Your baby can enjoy a fuss-free snooze with our top quality organic baby pillows.


You can learn more about our other baby products including our cot mattresses here:


Cot Mattress Safety and Buying guide


What are the best organic toddler pillows?


organic toddler pillows


Your little one is not little anymore and for that reason, we believe that training your toddlers towards caring for the environment starts early on. 


Some toddlers are allergic to toxic chemicals and materials used in making ordinary synthetic pillows you find all over the UK market.


Allergic reactions can be developed while sleeping on regular pillows on day to day basis. This can also lead to fussy nights and irritability.


Organic pillows are usually filled with any of the following: Natural latex, Silk, Wool, Kapok and  Down


These organic materials are naturally resistant to dust and mites – keeping the child safe and hygienic. 


Top 3 toddler pillows: Una Mattress Top Picks


My Little North Star Toddler Pillow – Combines a 100% organic cotton shell with a chemical-free hypoallergenic poly cluster fibre filling

Little Sleepy Head Organic Cotton Toddler Pillow – Features an organic shell with a down-like, luxurious poly-fibered fill.

Zack & Ali Organic Toddler Pillow – Filled with a hypoallergenic poly micro gel fibre and covered with a 100% organic shell.


What are the best organic travel pillows?


organic travel pillows


For the most part, travel can be thoroughly exciting and equally taxing too. On long haul flights, it’s vital to get a few hours of sleep or perhaps be able to rest your neck while you enjoy the inflight entertainment or decide to read a book. 


Travellers are on a lookout for optimal neck and chin support and would want to be extremely comfortable inflight while cruising on high altitude. We have all been there – trying to roll up the seat pillow and long for that extra bit of comfort and have been quite unsuccessful in doing so. 


It is advised that the best way to arrive at your final destination pain-free is to invest in a neck pillow. In a way that it aligns your nose with the middle of your chin in order to prevent unnecessary strain on soft tissues and joints.


Travel pillows out there in the market are made with a variety of materials and can be filled with substances that are harmful to the environment, like non-renewable microfiber beads and plastics. While these pillows may provide comfort, more eco-friendly options can offer just the same, if not better services. Look for companies that boast about their use of natural and chemical-free fillings with low-impact hypoallergenic covers. These purchases will have you sleeping easy!


What you may also want to consider is the size and the texture of the pillow.


Most organic pillows offer a luxurious feel and comfort and take up minimum space when folded or clipped on to the luggage. When it comes organic travel pillows – luxury and comfort go hand in hand!


Here’s a curated list of the top 3 organic travel pillows for your next trip:


Essentia Mattress – GOLS Certified Latex, GOTS Certified Cottom, ISO Certified

Edomi – Buckwheat Hull Neck Pillow, Non – Toxic, Natural Materials, Cervical Support, Hypoallergenic

Lux Voyage – Memory Foam, Fair Trade, Hypoallergenic, Sustainable, Eco – Friendly, Recyclable Materials


Best Organic Pillow UK: Una Mattress


So come join the Una Mattress family today and explore some of our awesome organic, natural and eco-friendly products today for the best night’s sleep for you and your family tonight!


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