Technology is our life. Quickly check instagram and then set the alarm – we all recognise that one in the evenings! Not only in the evening, but we´re almost constantly faced with screens and other
technology. Pocket calenders and watches? We´ve got our do it all gadget – the mobile phone so why bother?

The influence technology has on our lives is ever present, however we cannot easily estimate the
effects it has on us.

Certainly technology on the whole has an tremendously negative impact on our state and our
health. It is definitely no coincidence that the rate of increase in depressions and burn out illnesses have reached an unexpectedly high level. Sufficient and regenerating sleep can help to prevent depressions, reduces stress and enhances concentration.

It is therefore more important than ever to have fully relaxed and sufficiently long sleep. However
for many people a long and relaxed sleep is no longer something that can be taken for granted. This
is where we come full circle back to where we began. Certainly we´re all familiar with going to bed
and still checking E-Mails, having a quick look at Facebook or watching a film. However much we
might enjoy that, it is counter productive to having healthy sleep.

By constantly staring at a screen our eyes are faced with a flow of Photons. These signalise to our
brain, that we need to stay awake and so the production of Melatonin is held back. This is an
important hormone that regulates our day and night rhythm and sets our time functions. Although
we are actually tired, our body is deceived and cant go into a rest mode and so our sleep is
shortened. Our body then can´t detox and regenerate properly.

Naturally routines are difficult to break but it is highly recommended for each of us to try and do
that in this modern and hectic world. The human body produces most of our Melatonins between
23:00 and 24:00 hours. Therefore, if one wants to fall asleep and wake up more easily feeling fit,
ideally one should not look at a screen after 21:00 hours, whether it is a mobile phone, television, tablet or whatever.