After opening their online-doors in late April and a steady growth in the first few months, Una Mattress has made big leaps in their development. While still being a small team on the mission to healthy sleep for all, the sales and response to the mattress have been overwhelmingly positive. In addition to selling out of all mattress sizes despite having a lot of stock available, the waiting list of preorders has been growing every single day selling out of incoming stock too and pushing delivery dates back.

Anyone currently wanting one of the adjustable and all-organic mattresses in a box will have to be prepared to wait for a while before receiving it. While Una usually prides itself with fast delivery services within 5 working days, their sales have rocketed to a point where current orders are having to wait up to 5 weeks for delivery. “We are so thankful for the great response to our mattress, it shows us that we’re not alone with the vision of a sustainable and healthy, yet affordable mattress. We are currently working hard to catch up with incoming stock and aiming to be able to cater to a lot more in the near future. We will be back to our usual 3-5-day delivery soon and are grateful for our customers patience” says Una Mattress CEO Roger van der Matten in response to the great response to their mattress.

Stock levels are being increased to match the amount of sales, to fight the long wait time and make the mattress available for faster delivery in the near future.