Natural Latex Pillow: Just as Important as Your Mattress


We all know that a consistent good night’s sleep is integral to your happiness, health, and overall well-being. 

So what is the key to a consistent good night’s sleep? 

Well, certainly the environment we choose to sleep is crucial. Most of us would agree on that. We would also agree that choosing the right mattress based on firmness, materials used and size is crucial too, but how many of us consider the pillow we choose to be an integral part of ensuring we get a perfect night’s sleep?

Here at Una Mattress, we believe that the key to a perfect night’s sleep in many ways is two-fold. The sum of a perfect night’s sleep is never greater than the quality, comfort and luxury of BOTH your mattress and your pillow! 

Yes, indeed, Pillows are just as important as mattresses when it comes to securing a good night’s sleep, so we must look to put some careful consideration into where we rest our heads every night.

An all-natural, organic, eco-friendly pillow provides a whole host of benefits that make it a worthwhile and sustainable investment for you and your family. 

Choosing the right pillow not only serves the sleeper with crucial neck support and comfort but furthermore, by choosing organic you will sleep even better knowing you are helping to save and support our fragile beautiful planet one sleep at a time.

Before exploring the various different types and benefits of natural organic pillows, first, let’s define what in fact classifies a pillow as being ‘natural’…


What is a Natural Pillow?


By being natural we should expect the pillow to remain just that. Yes, only 100% natural materials, and absolutely no chemicals, toxins, glues or any other artificial additives. Unfortunately, the majority of pillows on the UK market are made with synthetic, man-made substances, such as polyurethane or ‘memory foam’. These types of foam pillows are known to contain chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene which are immensely harmful to the health of you and your family. 

Synthetic foam pillows have also been found to be potentially harmful as there is evidence to suggest that they can release chemicals into the atmosphere of your bedroom. This is also known as ‘off-gassing’, often occurring when the pillow is brand new. Over time this ‘off-gassing’ can worsen, as the cheap synthetic materials break down to become dust particles. 

Although many pillows on the market can prove to be hazardous and far from natural, here at Una Mattress our pillows are 100% organic certified and natural. Our natural latex foam pillows and mattresses remain completely natural, as we only use natural latex formed from tree sap of rubber trees.


What are the benefits of a Natural/Organic Pillow?


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High quality materials, superior neck support, complete comfort, and practical design, are all qualities a natural latex pillow can boast of. Compared to cheaper, synthetically constructed pillows available on the market, there really is no match!

Of course, not all natural pillows are born equal and there are some natural pillows that have softer textures compared to others which can be firmer. Better understanding your preferences is key to achieving your complete personalized comfort. Check out our range of all-natural 100% organic certified pillows here.




Superior neck support. Natural materials tend to be firmer and more durable than synthetic materials. Natural pillows work to support the intricate structures of the head, neck, shoulders, hip and spine of the body, while counteracting any joint pain and uneven pressure to these areas.




In a world drained of its resources and in need of vital protection, it’s becoming even more important for us to all find sustainable options that are 100% natural, organic, and eco-friendly. A certified organic pillow ensures that no harmful chemicals will affect you, your environment or the your family, while eco-friendly manufacturing procedures are adhered to in all elements of the production process.




The majority of organic pillows, mattresses and bedding contain natural hypoallergenic properties. This means, that someone who suffers from allergies is always better off with a natural organic pillow. This is especially important when considering the purchase of a baby or cot mattress.




As already touched upon before, natural organic pillows will ensure you and your family’s airways are clear of unnecessary artificial chemicals, as well as avoiding skin irritation and causing allergies.


What is the best Natural Pillow?


This question is entirely dependant on the personal preference of the sleeper, however, there are a broad range of natural pillows to choose from, such as cotton, wool, latex [natural] and silk. Choosing natural or sustainable fabrics is so important for ensuring the protection of our planet, whether it be mattresses, pillows or the clothing you choose, sustainable fabrics and sustainable fibers are crucial for protecting the future of our fragile planet.


Best latex pillow for side sleepers?


Seeing as the majority of us are side sleepers, then arguably the best type of natural pillow to purchase would be a natural organic latex pillow. These types of pillows best suit the sleeping position of side sleepers and will ensure your neck is well supported, your head is comfortable and any tossing and turning around in the night cushioned perfectly. If you are a side sleeper it is important to learn how to sleep properly on your side without waking up with a sore back or neck.

Why is a latex pillow bets for side sleepers? This is due in part to latex being an extremely buoyant yet supportive material, ideal for pressure and pain relief, while also being naturally breathable. A latex pillow is also ideal for anyone that gets a bit hot and bothered in bed at night!

Latex is also arguably a much more sustainable natural material compared to wool and cotton. The rubber trees from which we source the latex help oxygenate the planet on a large scale. This way, choosing a natural latex pillow will be helping also in supporting the earth in its fight against climate change.


Una 100% Organic Latex Pillow


Una provides a natural latex pillow made only with organic and premium materials, with no inclusion of any petrochemicals, glues or other toxins.

The pillow itself is height adjustable and encased within a 100% organic wool and cotton cover. This cover allows air to circulate naturally, while the natural latex foam flakes comfortably support the head and neck. 

So come explore our natural latex pillows today for a better sleep tonight, and join the organic movement with Una Mattress!


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