Happy national bed month! We are celebrating the entire month with great content, amazing sales and unstoppable positive vibes. To kick this month off we put together a few tips to improve your bedtime long term.


  1. Bedroom temperature
    Did you know that the bedroom should be a few degrees lower than the rest of the house? Setting your thermostat to 18-20°C will better your sleeping experience. While it might take a few nights to get used to, it’s so worth it for overall health and regeneration. Opening the window at night is also a great way to strengthen the immune system!
  2. Habits
    It only takes 21 days to change a habit, so what are you waiting for? Statistics show that going to bed 30 minutes earlier already makes a considerable difference in the quality of sleep and productivity during the day. The same goes for having a little digital detox for at least 30 minutes before going to sleep. Grab a book, listen to your favorite podcast or use your downtime to meditate. If you need some additional help to wind down, try some deep breathing or progressive muscle relaxation techniques and you will be sleeping in no time.
  3. The right mattress
    Sleeping on metals and synthetic materials can not only contribute to restless nights but also don’t offer the right support the body needs at night. This can cause long term aches and pains which can be avoided by opting for a high-quality natural mattress. National bed month is the perfect opportunity to try out a new mattress for 100 nights without risk! Try your UNA mattress now!
  4. Light
    Eliminating all light sources in the bedroom will help you drift in to a much-needed deep sleep. This includes glares from electronics, so make sure to turn off anything with a permanent light to get the best results.
  5. Noise
    Not all noises will interfere with healthy regenerating sleep. Guided sleep meditation, for example, has the potential to offer great benefits to the quality of sleep by helping you relax and also addressing your subconsciousness directly once you drift off. White noises are also a great way to eliminate road noises outside that keep you up at night!

Now all this sounds great but, in the end, it takes dedication and we all live busy lives that stop us from change. We are here to help you and keep you on track! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for motivation, guidance and more useful tips for a sustainable healthy lifestyle!