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The perfect mattress is always meant to make you feel comfortable and relaxed at sleep time, and in many ways look forward to going to bed! That is why we average Brit spends so much time and money investing in the right mattress, not just for you but for your family too. 


Buying the wrong mattress may not just mean that you will suffer by the time you get it home and unpack it, but sadly over time, if you have bought cheap and haven’t fully researched what type of mattress is right for you, then you may find that it won’t be long until your mattress loses its comfort, firmness, and softness. 


Sadly many standard mattresses on the UK market today don’t take long to lose their integral structure and the purpose they were designed for… giving you a great sleep every night!


But do not fret, Una Mattress is here to the rescue you, as we have a very special item to introduce to you, The Latex Mattress Topper, saving mattresses all over the UK!


So, if your mattress is on it’s last legs and you want to have a glorious sleep once again, read on!


What is a Latex Mattress Topper?


A latex mattress topper, like the name suggests, is a specially designed piece of latex foam you can place on top of your existing mattress to improve its firmness and support. Latex toppers can be made using two processes:


The Dunlop process


In this process, liquid latex is poured into a mold to its fill. The resultant latex mattress topper is usually firmer and lasts longer.


The Talay process


In this process, liquid latex is poured just partially into the mold. Then the air is extracted from the resultant empty space within the mold. The resultant latex topper is bouncier and softer.


Do Latex Mattress Toppers work?


What is a Latex Mattress Topper?


Think of a mattress topper as a way of fine-tuning your existing mattress. If it lacks enough support and firmness, you can improve it! So latex mattresses toppers work very well when it comes to adding to the comfort of an existing mattress or saving a mattress that has perhaps met middle age and needs a bit of support. The following scenarios are usually when one should consider looking to purchase a latex mattress topper.


Mattress too Firm or too Soft


You may find that over time your preference for mattress firmness changes. This is only natural as we grow older, and this is particularly relevant for children and younger adults whos bodies are changing more rapidly. If our current mattress becomes too firm or too soft for our liking and our body shape, then this can cause problems, not only in getting a sound sleep, but also causing back or waist injuries and even bed sores.

This scenario is not only for old mattresses but sometimes we may buy a new mattress only to our horror after a few nights’ sleeping on it, it is a lot softer or firmer than we first thought in the shop! That is why latex mattress toppers are awesome because you can use them to fine-tune your mattress to whatever firmness you are after! 


Mattress too Old


As your mattress ages, it will inevitably become more uncomfortable as its level of support declines. You can save a lot of money by simply placing a mattress topper on top of your aging mattress compared to buying a new one. The amazing thing is, after placing the mattress topper, laying on the mattress will feel just as good as if you got a brand new mattress, like magic!


Mattress gets too Hot


Memory foam mattresses are reasonably affordable and come in a wide variety of support; from soft to very firm. However, they are not the best type of mattress on the market especially from a health and comfort point of view. For one, they can release a lot of chemicals given they are made of synthetic/man-made materials.


Tip: Learn More about Chemical Free Mattresses here.


Some people, especially those sensitive to hot or cold temperatures while sleeping, can find foam mattresses too hot for a comfortable sleep. This problem is caused by the fact memory foam by nature is a poor heat conductor, and does not breathe well. In essence, as you lay on the bed, it incubates heat from your body around you, instead of conducting it away. Leading to your body heat rising and possibly even sweating at night.


If you have such a hot mattress, a latex mattress topper could save you from uncomfortable sweaty nights. Latex by nature breathes well as it has air channels allowing proper air circulation thus conducting your body heat away.


Hating the way your Mattress Caves in?


We have already established foam mattresses can make for hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable night’s sleep. They also have the tendency of losing their support quite quickly and start caving in on your body as you are laying down, quickly finding yourself trapped in a depression on the mattress. This ultimately makes it uncomfortable to sleep on since you cannot adjust your body position easily. Many people find themselves having to wake up to sort of ‘climb out’ of the depression and move to another position on the mattress. Not ideal when you are trying to get a good sleep for work the next day.

This problem arises from the slow-moving nature of memory foam mattresses, which means they can cave in on you slowly and also rise up just as slow. As you sleep, the slow movement will lead to sleeping in a ‘depression’, that will trap your body in a single sleeping position that might result in bedsores or other injuries. There is enough to worry about in life, let alone having to worry about fighting with your mattress every night!


How long do latex mattress toppers last?


Latex mattresses toppers will last a long time if you ensure that you look after them well. Like a mattress here are some quick tips on how to ensure that your latex mattress topper lasts a long time:

  1. Regularly air it out
  2. Regularly rotate it
  3. Clean and vacuum it weekly
  4. Remove stains with a soft damp cloth
  5. Never fold it
  6. Avoiding walking or jumping on it

Expect a good quality latex mattress topper to last you 5-10 years. 


Are latex mattress toppers safe?


For a person with a history of allergies, you will want to avoid using synthetic materials especially in your mattresses, bed cover, and pillowcases. You are better off using whole organic materials instead. Una Mattress latex mattress toppers are 100% organic and hypo-allergenic. We have done an extensive blog post on the health benefits of organic mattresses for you and your family, and latex mattress toppers fall right within the same category.

So come join the Una family and explore our awesome Latex Mattress Toppers here, today, for your perfect night’s sleep, tonight!


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Are latex mattress toppers safe?