Maybe you’re planning a big move, or getting renovations done in your home. Either way your mattress is going to go into storage for a while. 

The good news is that latex mattresses can be stored for months and even years at a time without its physical condition deteriorating. After the initial investment on your latex mattress, the last thing you want is to risk physical and structural damage while it is in storage.


Strip It Down


Store the mattress separate from the bedding, pillows or other fabrics that might contaminate the latex. 

The more fabric you have around your latex mattress, the more dust and other contaminants can accumulate and result in a less sterile environment.


Clean Before Storing


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A thorough deep clean before storage is always a good idea. Vacuum throughout the mattress to remove dust, dead skin cells, hairs and other particulars that might be trapped. Sprinkle baking soda over both sides of the mattress and let it sit for a few hours, ideally overnight, to remove any lingering odours. 

If you have stains, make the magic cleaning solution of hydrogen peroxide, liquid dishwashing soap and baking soda. Mix these ingredients into a spray bottle and apply to any stains while using a clean rag or cleaning cloth to blot out the stain. 

For stubborn stains, use an enzymatic cleaner that uses enzymes and good bacteria to break down the stains and odours yet still is gentle on fabrics. Each enzymatic cleaner contains a different enzyme, or combination of enzymes, which works to break down different types of stains. Choose an enzymatic cleaner that has the appropriate enzymes for the types of stain you want to remove. The following are the three main types of enzymes in these cleaners:

Amylase – This breaks down starches like eggs, sugars and some sauces. 

Lipase – Lipase breaks down fats, making it effective against oil and grease stains. 

Protease – This eliminates protein-based stains like wine, urine, and blood.


Hire A Professional Cleaning Service


Hiring professionals not only saves you time if you are an ultra-busy person, they also do a better job. After all, it is what they do for a living! 

They have the best cleaning equipment and specialized knowledge to remove the most stubborn stains, and will be competent at making your mattress look and smell as good as new.


Air Dry Away From Sunlight


Once your mattress is clean, you’ll have to dry it. The best way would be to leave it in an air-conditioned or fan room for at least 24 hours with good airflow. 

Drying out the mattress in the sun is not recommended, as both heat and strong UV rays can damage latex.


Wrap In Plastic


Wrap the mattress thoroughly in plastic and reinforce the wrapping with duct or electrical tape to keep the wrap as airtight and waterproof as possible. Better yet, place 4-5 packs of silica gel when wrapping to keep the mattress as dry as possible. 

This will protect the mattress in storage from dust, stains, mildew and mold. 

At Una Mattress, our patented 7-zone designs means that the mattress can be taken apart into individual pieces according to your preferred firmness for each layer. Store all the pieces separately and securely wrapped in plastic, with silica gel in each section.


Storage Location


The choice of storage location is important, the ideal location being somewhere clean and airy with low humidity levels. But since not all of us can afford climate-controlled self-storage facilities, most of us end up using spare bedrooms, attics, basements or other spare space at home. 

Clean the area that you will store your latex mattress thoroughly prior to storage, and continue to keep an eye on the area, checking up on it a few times a week.

Spills or moisture can wreak havoc on not just your mattress but other stuff in storage such as clothes or books. Mold and mildew love humidity, so be sure to keep the area as dry and airy as possible.


Watch The Transportation


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Transportation to and from the storage facility or your new home cannot be limited to tying your expensive mattress to the top of your car and moving! 

Not only is this unsafe and can potentially lead to a traffic accident, the enormous pressure put on the restraining ropes and constant air resistance from a fast-moving vehicle can damage the latex. Uncooperative weather can further complicate the move. 

Hire a proper moving company to handle all your moving and ensure that the mattress is moved on its own and without any additional items placed on top of it. 

When moving, having the mattress on its side is acceptable but for long-term storage, the mattress has to lie flat. More on that below.


Store It Flat and On Its Own


Gravity is a fearsome force, and storing your mattress on its side can permanently alter the shape of the mattress, causing distortions and uneven edges, especially when latex has a higher density and thus, heavier weight than other lighter materials. 

Latex mattresses were not designed to hold their own way for a sustained period of time. If you prop them up on one side, excessive pressure will cause the upright half of the bed to cave in towards the bottom. This deteriorates the latex foam and causes it to slump to one side. 

The mattress should be stored flat and on the ground, or better yet, on top of some padding such as cushions or boxes. 

Don’t stack anything else on top of the stored mattress. Not even the lighter stuff that might appear inconsequential compared to your body weight. This can also permanently alter the shape of the mattress and cause indentations especially if it’s over a long period of time. 

This isn’t the most space-saving of arrangements but this mattress is likely to cost a pretty penny, wouldn’t you want to protect your investment?

These simple do’s and don’ts can help you enjoy your latex mattress for many years to come after it comes out of storage. Heed them to extend the life and comfort of your latex mattress!