Summer is practically over and school has started again. School years are special: you see your friends every day, play all day and no other responsibilities. But going to school has a different side to it as well. School often means stress, competition and an increase in pressure to perform. This already begins in primary school and the older they get, the more difficult it gets too. That’s why it’s so important as parents to help guide our little ones on every step of the way.

Recent statistics show that more children are suffering from anxiety and concentration problems than ever. Of course, there are numerous reasons for this: smartphones, television, an unhealthy diet and the inevitable lack of sleep resulting from the previous mentioned.

These developments are frightening for many parents – so here are some tips to make your children more successful and happier students.

  1. Prep and Organization

How we start and finish our day makes a huge difference to how the rest of the day goes. Especially at the beginning of the schooling days it makes sense to sit down with the child the evening before and discuss the next day. This gives safety and a peace of mind as the child knows what to expect. Morning necessities, such as packing the backpack and laying out clothes should be done the night before to ensure a relaxed start to the day. Family rituals, like a joint breakfast, can help children be set for the day too.


  1. Nutrition

What we eat influences how we feel. Unhealthy eating reduces our physical and mental capabilities. This is just as true for children as it is for us. Of course, children are particularly susceptible to the marketing methods of the big companies, but nevertheless we should pay attention to a balanced and healthy diet. Make school lunches with some salad and veggies. Wholegrain and spelt are better options than regular dull white bread. An alternative to soft drinks is homemade iced tea, which can be sweetened with honey, or simply a water with some lemon or lime. Fruit is of course a very nourishing dessert, however, some chocolate once in a while won’t hurt either.

  1. Sleeping Environment

Children need about eight to ten hours per night, much more than adults. The sleeping rhythm is very important, we should try not to let bed times fluctuate too much. It’s greatly beneficial if the child has a routine before going to bed (e.g. reading, shower, brushing teeth, etc.). The sleeping environment also plays an important role. Keep televisions and other technology out of their

bedroom and make sure all materials your little one is sleeping on is organic, non-chemical and healthy. You can find the perfect mattress for your child here.

  1. Concentration

This is probably the most challenging task. In school children are taught many things, but unfortunately not how to concentrate. It seems ridiculous but it is up to the parents to create the basis of concentration skills. Theoretically it is relatively easy to teach the children concentration, but it does require a lot of willpower. It is important to stop multitasking and not to be distracted by external circumstances. Whether you are watching TV during mealtime or looking at your mobile phone or listening to music during homework – it damages your ability to perform.

These four tips can greatly impact the new school year of your child and help them make the most of their schooling experience. Don’t forget it’s important to set an example – that’s how children learn the easiest. Visit website to make the first step into the right direction!