What does Eco-friendly mean?


Eco-friendly is another term for what we know as environmentally friendly, eco-friendly or green. It refers to goods and services, laws, and guidelines, that claim reduced, minimal, or no harm to ecosystems or the environment. When we look at climate change, rising sea levels and air pollution that kills over 800,000 people per year in Europe alone, you may want to explore how you can look to reduce the negative impact you have on our fragile planet and shop eco-friendly.


Why is buying Eco-Friendly Important?


What types of eco-friendly products can we buy? 


You will be amazed at how many different types of products there are on the market that are eco-friendly.  From clothing to coffee cups, jewelry to camping equipment and even from food to beer! Indeed, in many ways, there are no excuses not to shop organic and eco friendly! 


The preservation and protection of our environment is crucial for not only our wellbeing and future but for that of our children and their children. With the use of fossil fuels and plastic, which is a by-product of oil, we’re slowly destroying our only home, earth. 


All the plastic bags we use, single-use cutlery, cups, plastic beer holders, all end up in our oceans. Not only do they pollute our greatest source of oxygen but they also poison the fish that end on our dinner plates, destroy the coral reefs and make swimming in the sea sometimes an unpleasant experience!


Did you know that conventional mattresses often contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which cause skin irritation and respiratory issues? Considering we spend a thirds of our life in bed, it’s kind of crazy that we don’t think too much about the dangerous flame-retardants on our mattresses or the hazardous materials in the memory foam! Considering the effects this can have on our own health and that of our family members, we must make buying econ friendly a priority. 


Why is it important For the Future?


eco-friendly mattresses save the planet


Whenever we look to buy an eco-friendly product, whether that is our mattress, a new phone or the food we eat, we support several things. 


First, we support sustainable manufacturing processes. This means that our money goes towards using renewable energy sources as apposed to supporting nasty fossil fuels and processes that cause significant damage to our planets. This means less CO2 being produced and less warming of the climate.


Eco-friendly products also create less waste, because they tend to be more durable and longer-lasting than synthetic eco damaging products. When you buy an organic mattress from Una for example you can rest assured it will last you and your family a long time, especially compared to other conventional mattresses on the UK market.


Moreover, buying eco-friendly, you’ll also help create more jobs in the industry! The larger the market for eco-friendly products, the more people will shift to it. Buying sustainably made products contributes to a better future in many ways and you certainly can look to be part of it.


What is an Eco-Friendly Mattress?


While conventional mattresses contain dangerous components, toxic elements and are potentially hazardous to the health of you and your family, eco-friendly mattresses only use totally organic materials. 


Have you ever heard of flame-retardants? They’re the dangerous elements preventing your mattress from catching fire and conventional non-eco-friendly mattresses are full of them


You can learn more here about chemical-free mattress here: ‘ Chemical Mattresses What you Need to Know


An eco-friendly mattress is indeed more costly than regular mattresses. However, at Una Mattress we always ensure that anyone involved in the production of our mattresses receives a fair wage and safe comfortable working conditions. 


Additionally, all our mattress materials are organic and natural, always avoiding any harm to animals, plantlife and our oceans. The best part is, not only are you helping to protect and save our fragile planet by buying organic, but your new mattress will also last longer because the quality is far superior to any other regular mattress you can find on the market. Planet 1, Consumer 1!


Best Eco-Friendly Mattresses UK: A Negative Carbon Footprint!


Una Organic Mattresses: Eco-Friendly Mattress UK


Una Mattress is one of the best eco-friendly, organic and natural mattresses in the UK. In fact you will find that there are not many companies that can boast that buying one of their mattresses or pillows you will actually be creating a negative carbon footprint!


Our mattresses contain zero dangerous components and they’re totally friendly to the climate and the planet.  We use all-natural materials such as organic wool, cotton and latex. Our latex is actually specially extracted from Hevea (rubber) tree groves, which grow organically in Sri Lanka and India. No pesticides, no chemical fertilizers!


Una Mattress has a direct relationship with plantations in Sri Lanka and India, allowing us to guarantee the best possible quality control whilst saving you money. We’ve also designed Una mattresses to be as comfortable as possible, with firmness that you can adjust using our unique 7 zones of comfort system.

For an all-around brilliant sleep experience that’s healthy for you, your family and the planet, check out our range of natural latex mattresses and discover how Una can transform your sleep!


Eco Baby Mattress


eco-friendly baby mattress


Did you know, you can even buy an eco-friendly mattress for your little ones?


Our eco baby mattress comes with the support your children need for their spines. One side is firmer for infants, and the other is softer for when they’re toddlers. The eco cot and crib mattresses contain absolutely no microplastics, no petroleum products, or anything that could harm your baby.


Are Eco Mattresses Good for Asthma?


So as we have seen, petroleum-based mattresses are common on the UK market. Furthermore, regular mattresses are a wonderful home for dust mites, which can trigger allergies and asthma. 


Organic mattresses are far less likely to do that and there is plenty of research and literature which supports that organic mattresses and certainly the best choice for any asthma sufferer. 


How to Choose an Eco-Friendly Mattress UK?


So how can you go about choosing a great eco-friendly mattress in the UK for you and your family? 


There’s a huge selection out there and sometimes it can be overwhelming. One thing we feel like we must highlight to be aware of is, greenwashing


Greenwashing means that you need to be sure that the company isn’t describing their product as “eco” just so they can simply make more sales!


It is important to look as to whether the mattress has independent organic certifications. It should also contain all-natural, organically grown, and sustainably produced materials. This way you’ll know you’re getting a product that really is “green”. A product that neither harms your health nor hurts the planet. 


You should look for a company that makes mattresses in a way that not only leaves zero carbon but has a negative carbon footprint. Then again, not everyone has a fortune to spend on a mattress. This is why here at Una mattress you can explore our exciting mattress range to find an affordable yet organic and natural mattress for a comfortable and healthy sleep. 


A Healthier Planet: One Sleep At A Time


We believe that a good night’s sleep shouldn’t be elusive but we also know that finding the perfect mattress can be a little daunting. The average mattress on the market contains a toxic cocktail of chemicals and flame retardants which are well worth avoiding.


So best go eco friendly today, buy organic and buy natural.


We welcome you to join the Una Mattress tribe and buy your first totally eco-friendly mattress today and help us make this planet a better place, one sleep at a time!


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