In the last few years an incredible shift has happened when it comes to consciousness. A general trend can be derived from the behaviour patterns of Generation Y in particular. We are  try to live more consciously and listen to our inner being more. This is a great thing because we pay more attention to our body and the environment at the same time. The health trends in 2019 can be summarized under the motto ’consciousness’:


In Europe, the trend is clearly moving towards a more plant-based diet. A restaurant without vegetarian or vegan dishes is completely unthinkable nowadays. But not only the numbers of vegetarians and vegans are constantly growing, also among trusty meat lovers a change in behaviour is happening.
Even the meat industry is recognizing this by investing huge amounts in the production of meat alternatives. It’s a good response to the undoubtable urgency which can’t be ignored as agriculture causes a larger CO2 footprint than air traffic, for example.

Another positive trend is that young people are increasingly turning to regionalism. A few years ago, you usually met predominantly 60+ people at farmers’ markets, but today the crowd is completely different.


The appearance of CBD has definitely not gone unnoticed either. Even though cannabis was demonized as a bad entry drug until recently, the medical use of the active ingredient CBD spread like wildfire. Unlike THC, CBD is not intoxicating and has many other positive health effects. CBD is increasingly being used for pain, as It has an anti-inflammatory effect, epilepsy and other nervous diseases. It is also considered a miracle worker for sleep problems and helps to control anxiety and panic attacks.

Mental health and balance

The importance of taking care of one’s mental health is now more acknowledged than ever. We now know many diseases are psychosomatic in origin and therefore changes are happening on all levels. The work-life balance is taken more seriously and as a result all-in contracts are no longer the norm; people prefer working less hours and are starting to prioritise things they enjoy over a higher pay-check. Also connecting mind and soul to exercise and nutrition are now trendy. And while not too long ago it was frowned upon to seek professional help for mental issues, it is now celebrated.

Trends are not always good, however these current health trends a part of a positive movement and can therefore be embraced. It is fun to explore and discuss new ways to improve your wellbeing so we’d love to hear from you on this topic!