Many people choose their bedroom colour according to without much thought and based on a momentary mood. What might seem sensible can also be counterproductive to our needs to regenerate. Essentially it is best to differentiate between strong colours and pastel shades. Strong colours stand for liveliness and energy, which we don´t need when we sleep and rather have a disquietenning effect. Softer colours, on the other hand, have a more gentle and relaxing effect on us. Besides they give a room the feeling of a bigger space – so double plus points!

Colours and their effects

Red symbolises warmth, temperament and activity. It is loaded with energy and so often is connected with sexual energy. That is why people often like the colour red for bedrooms. It is advisable, however, in this case, to use the colour sparingly in some aspects of the room and not to paint all the walls with it. Otherwise, it would be too overpowering for our world of dreams.

Yellow/Orange symbolises joy, fun and happiness. If you want to wake up every morning to a nice warm feeling, this is a good choice. Nevertheless, it shouldn´t be too strong a tone if you want to get the most out of it. Shades of apricot or a pale, light yellow would ideally be suitable. Purple is connected with femininity, intuition and supernatural powers. A light lavender or lilac can have both an exotic and noble effect at the same time. Gentle shades of purple used sparingly can create a secretive and meditative atmosphere without having a sacral effect.

Green emits the sense of a safe and cosy space, health, quiet and relaxation. This is why it is a good choice for any bedroom. The cooler the shade the more relaxing the effect. Besides, it is said to reduce our sensitivity towards the noise. It makes sense to integrate this colour into bedrooms that face the street.

Pink stands for optimism and positivity. Similarly to green and blue, pink is particularly good for our sleep and stimulates a sense of calm and inner quietness.

Blue encourages satisfaction, quiet and harmony. It connects quietness to relaxation and so is often a colour chosen for the bedroom. A blue wall can have a magical effect in the bedroom: not only does it symbolise harmony between men and women, but it helps prevent late night urges to eat. That is because of our association with colours. As there isn´t any naturally blue food, the colour doesn´t remind us of food and so we don´t feel tempted. A combination of blue and green is perfect for the bedroom.

We are almost done and now will turn to the colours of nature. Natural shades of brown symbolise comfort, warmth and being grounded. As we all know, if used wrongly, they can also unfortunately be quite depressing. If however the shades used stay light and friendly there´s nothing preventing us from creating a bedroom à la nature. If we use a few blue/green touches, in addition, we would be altogether well taken care of.

Finally, we come to the colour white. It stands for purity, cleanliness, order and lightness. It is, however, difficult to find a good balance between pure lightness and a sterile cold atmosphere. With a few slight colour touches added, you can, however, create a perfect environment.

We hope this has helped you towards making your decision and choice of bedroom colours easier and as always we look forward to your photos and inspiration shared on Instagram.