We are in midst of the summer heat and this year is hotter than ever before. New temperature records are being set all over Europe. As beautiful as summer is, sleeping in these temperatures often feels like torture. That’s when an air conditioner seems to be the only solution, but they are expensive, take up a lot of space and are extreme power guzzlers. If you are having troubles sleeping at night, we have a few tips on how to survive hot nights and get a good night’s sleep.

  1. Keep your bedroom cool

This sounds obvious, but what’s the best way to do it? Keep your windows closed during the day to avoid letting in any sunshine. External blinds are ideal but are also expensive. Interior blinds hardly have an effect on their own but if you combine interior blinds with an opaque curtain, it makes a huge difference. It also helps if you remove heat sources from your room. Predestined to generate a lot of heat is technology. Ban them from your bedroom. Charge your mobile phone in the next room, switch off the router overnight and only let your computer and TV run for a limited time.

  1. Cool down

A lukewarm shower before going to bed helps you fall asleep. If you wake up because of the crazy heat, a cooling spray with water and a little peppermint oil sprayed on your face and limbs can give an immediate sense of relief in the heat. For extremely hot nights add a cooling pack – you can put it to your feet, and it will cool you down pleasantly.

  1. Drink, drink, drink

This heat calls for enough hydration anyway, but especially at night the body loses a lot of water and tends to dehydrate. That’s why a sufficient supply of fluids is especially important before and after sleep. However, the temperature of the drink must be taken into account. Many people resort to cold drinks when it is hot, but this is counterproductive for cooling down the body. Cold water makes the body work harder trying to bring that water to body temperate, therefore lukewarm drinks are best.

  1. Air

During the day the windows should stay closed, but as soon as it cools down it’s best to open all windows for a nice breeze. This provides a cooler indoor climate and better fresh air. Turning on a fan to get the air moving helps this process.

  1. What do you sleep on?

Choosing the right materials to sleep on is essential for hot nights. Due to the increased loss of fluid, you need a mattress that is breathable and that regulates sweat well. The same applies to blankets, pillows and covers. It’s highly recommendable to stick with natural materials such as cotton, linen or silk. Unfortunately, most mattresses are made of synthetic materials which are not only unhealthy and bad for the environment, but also lead to sleepless nights due to lack of air circulation. If yours is made from synthetic materials, it’s time to replace it with high-quality, breathable materials! One option would be the 100% natural and breathable Una mattress: due to the many air channels in the mattress the heat does not accumulate, and the natural cotton and merino wool ensure an optimal regulation of sweat.Click here for more information.

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