As another year has come to a close we have landed in 2020. This time we are not only celebrating a new year, but also a new decade. In 2019 we witnessed a big shift in society. Flying is suddenly no longer cool, sourcing regionally is gaining importance and many other important topics have moved into people’s consciousness. We have put together the most valuable 2020 trends:


One thing is for sure, 2019 stands out the year of climate protection.
The good news is that this trend will still be relevant in 2020 and will grow exponentially. Governments in Europe are increasingly pulling together on environmental issues. Disposable plastic will be banned in the EU from 2021, but many countries are taking important measures before then to be proactive. A lot of progress is happening in the means of transportation. Many aircraft manufacturers are working on environmentally friendly engines, but the trend is increasingly moving towards more sustainable options all together, like trains and electric cars.


The trend is moving towards ever smaller homes in 2020. Of course, this has to do with the skyrocketing prices in the housing market. Hand in hand, minimalism will be more present than ever. People are realising that everything you own can weigh you down at the same time. Society is slowly taking a step back in excessive consumption. A clearer line is draw between what is actually needed and what can be done without. This is how great concepts and ideas develop on how to achieve the same, if not better quality of life, with less space and fewer things.
In 2020, homes will be more colourful again. Subtle tones such as aqua or lagoon grey are expected to be at the top of the popularity scale this year. Yellow and orange pops of color will be very popular too.


Alternative medicine is more important than ever, while people are increasingly sceptical of conventional medicine. The health trend of the new decade is to avoid health issues by creating a clean and healthy living environment, having enough quality sleep, avoiding stress and paying attention to diet. As textiles in particular are traditionally contaminated with many harmful additives, Natural and organic materials are very important for a healthy environment. Take a step in the right direction now and get a organic UNA natural mattress.


The developed 2020 trends give us many opportunities for the future. Consciousness and spirituality are becoming more important to people. These are trends to build a future on. It is time that we treat our planet and ourselves with the necessary respect and the new decade gives us a chance to prove we can do it.