How Your Mattress Can Improve Sleep and Back Pain

Back pain and sleep: A vicious cycle.


Back pain and sleep have a very close relationship. Scientific research by Alsaadi et al has found that back pain can severely impact your ability to get to sleep and stay asleep.
And the lack of sound sleep increases back pain as it’s been found that sleep deprivation “increases sensitivity to pain by numbing the brains pain killing response”.
It’s a terrible, vicious cycle that often leads to a downward spiral of less and poorer quality sleep and more pain.

Turning a negative back pain cycle into a positive one.

However, this negative cycle can be transformed into a positive one. There are a handful of ways you can ease your body into better, more restorative sleep despite having back pain, and that superior sleep will then lead you to less back pain.
This becomes a positive reinforcing cycle, with every night of sound sleep producing less pain symptoms and healing your back just a little bit more, getting you closer and closer to a back, that’s truly back to normal.
And one of the things that can most dramatically improve your sleep if you have back pain is investing in a high-quality mattress that really supports your back.

Mattress choice has been scientifically proven to improve sleep and reduce back pain.


A study by Bert et al took 59 people (30 women and 29 men) with pain and compromised sleep but no clinical history of disturbed sleep.
They got them to report back discomfort levels in their own beds, daily, for 28 nights prior to starting the study to form a baseline. In the study the researchers changed their mattress and got them to again rate their sleep quality and back discomfort.

“The researchers found that the new mattresses notably both increased sleep quality and reduced back discomfort.”

This robust scientific study proves that investing in the right mattress can go a long way in improving sleep and reducing back pain and is one of the only things that can break that vicious cycle mentioned above.

Introducing Una Organic Mattress.


Una Organic Mattress is a 7-zone latex mattress which supports every inch of your back helping you get a deep restorative sleep and, most importantly, helping your back relax and heal despite you being in pain. Una Organic Mattress helps you break the negative cycle of back pain leading to poor sleep, leading to more pain.
But, don’t just take our word for it. Numerous previous customer reviews on TrustPilot prove our mattresses have helped those with back pain..

“We’ve had the mattress now since October and love it. It is easy to customise and lovely to sleep on – no more back ache and no more disturbing each other when we move.” – Mr Walton (Review left on 3rd March 2020)
“After just a few nights we noticed that some of our back pains and stiffness had significantly lessoned…we probably should have changed our traditional mattress out a few years ago.” – Ken (Review left on 9th Feb 2020)
“I have severe neck and back problems as well as fibromyalgia and that only una mattress and pillow have given me a good night’s rest, it gives me the support exactly where I need it.” – Julie Macdonald (Review left on 7th Feb 2020)
“My Una mattress is the best one ever. It has cured my back and neck pain.” – Sara Potter (Review left 23rd Dec 2019)
“I had to wait for UNA mattress but it was worth it! My lower back pain is gone and it got me through my pregnancy without any discomfort. Thank you UNA!” – Neringa Galloway (Review left 26th Nov 2019)

Whilst our mattress isn’t the silver bullet that is going to miraculously fix all back pain, it has helped lots of people improve their sleep quality and subsequently their back-pain symptoms, as is shown from the above reviews, so there is a good chance it could help you too!
It’s simple really.

– Sound, restorative sleep helps back pain.
– A scientifically proven way of getting better sleep is by investing in the right mattress.
– There are few companies out that have invested more time and money to create the most comfortable, high-quality sleep-inducing mattress than us, and we have the reviews to back it up.

We offer a 100-night free trial. So, take Una for a spin and see how your sleep improves.

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NOTE: This article does not constitute official medical advice. If you are suffering from acute or ongoing back pain you should seek the guidance of a trained, certified medical professional.