100% Asthma friendly mattress with comfort you can customize

Nothing but organic latex foam, organic wool and organic cotton. No glues, no fire retardant additives, glues or petrochemicals. Perfect for anyone with asthma or other conditions that call for non-toxic materials.
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100% Organic

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100 Days Free Trial

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10 Year Warranty

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Allows air and moisture to circulate naturally so you don’t get hot and bothered.


Comfy layers of all-natural organic certified latex foam – medium and medium-soft. Each layer has 7 zones that gently support your body’s contours.


Simply arrange the layers of your mattress in the order that’s comfiest for you, zip up your cover – and sweet dreams.

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Premium Organic – Una is 24cm of organic heaven and exclusively made from the finest organic certified natural materials. nothing else.
100% Organic Cotton & Wool – The Una Mattress™ cover is made from 100% organic cotton and wool. The cotton stops you getting hot and bothered while the wool wicks moisture away without feeling damp.
Organic Latex Foam – We went to Sri Lanka and India to source latex from groves of sustainably grown Hevea trees. Saying ‘no’ to chemicals also kept our environmental footprint squeaky clean.
Adjustable – Una has comfort you can customise. Set it up the way you like it, medium, firmer or softer.
Healthy and Safe – We banished the toxic-smelling petrochemicals and industrial glues you’ll find in synthetic mattresses. We make every Una Mattress™ from 100% organic cotton, wool and latex, so you can breathe deep and easy, right from the first night.
Affordable – Una is affordable compared to similar real organic mattresses. 0% interest free credit helps too.
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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Best Mattress Ever!

Without doubt the best thing I have purchased in decades. This is money well spent. The mattress is so comfortable, and it feels just as heavenly to know it is made from such amazing materials. Amazing team at UNA too. Thank you so much; I love it and so does my sleep x


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I recently purchased a double mattress…

I recently purchased a double mattress from Una Organic, and I am amazed by it! I am a CHEK Practitioner and sleep is something we evaluate with all our clients, I will be recommending Una Organic to as many people who will listen. If you are unsure of which mattress to buy- I 100% can stand behind this one. ENJOY.

Gavin Jennings

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Just perfect

We had decided to replace our sprung mattress, we wanted something different. Reviewed all types on the Web we liked the idea of being able to alter the latex layers to suit our needs and chose the Una Elite and we haven’t looked back.Excellent service and product

Janet Southwood


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Try it for Yourself

9 out of 10 customers refuse to return their Una mattress. Convince yourself with our customer satisfaction guarantee. You have 100 nights to try it out with our Full Money Back Guarantee and Free Returns Service. Oh yes, and you get a 10 year warranty as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any chemical fire retardants, glues, synthetic foams or other additives in an Una Mattress?

An Una Mattress™ is a pure as can be containing ONLY the finest natural sleep materials namely organic certified natural latex foam (in 3 firmnesses), organic cotton, organic wool and nothing else whatsoever. That means no potentially harmful fire retardant chemicals, glues, pesticide and herbicide residues, metals or yucky petroleum-based foams. You and your family can fully relax and breathe easy on your Una..

How do I set up my Una Mattress?

OPEN IT Take your 3 Una mattress boxes to your bed frame or base. Open Box 1 and remove and unwrap your mattress cover. Open it out and position it on your bed. Unzip the top of the cover and roll it back out of the way. (Like opening a suitcase.)UNROLL ITNow remove the firm latex layer from Box 1. Unwrap it, place it inside your mattress cover and unroll it until itis lying flat, with the label facing up. Repeat with the Softlayer from Box 2 and the medium layer in Box 3 until all three are stacked neatly with the edges lined up. ZIP IT up your cover and you’re ready for sleep! By the way, you can play around with the order of the layers to find your comfiest combo. 8 out of 10 people tell us they prefer a firm base, soft middle and medium top. LOVE IT Lie back on your Una mattress and drift away on a cloud of organic comfort. Sweet dreams!