5 Apps That Can Help You Sleep Faster and Deeper

In 2020, the app stores are littered with sleep apps all claiming to cure all sleep issues with a quick download and a couple of swipes. Most of the apps aren’t worth your time, but a handful of them are.

There are some gems out there that really do have the ability to measurably improve your sleep. Helping you fall asleep faster and wake up less often for more restful, rejuvenating sleep. We have highlighted the noteworthy apps below.

1. Sleep cycle

Sleep cycle is one of the oldest, most loved and most popular sleep apps for smartphones, and for good reason.

The app works quietly in the background throughout the night monitoring your sleep and uses this data to sound a morning alarm at a time that is closest the alarm you set, where you are in the lightest sleep. Using Sleep Cycle, you’re more likely to wake up feeling refreshed and not groggy.

The app also provides a treasure trove of sleep data analysing your sleep quantity and quality including how much time you spent in REM and non-REM sleep per night and how many night time awakenings you had. This allows you to see an accurate and full picture of your sleep over a day, week or month via easy to understand graphs and charts.

iOS / Android

2. Headspace.

Headspace is a meditation app that is full of meditation sessions for every situation and occasion.

The app has a large number of sleep themed meditation sessions that range from sessions that include stories to those that just include soothing sound and subtle directions. They even have a specific session for if you wake up during the night.

Unlike other mindfulness meditation apps, Headspace bases its sessions on considerable scientific research which increases the chances of it working for a larger proportion of people.

iOS / Android.

3. Pzizz.

Don’t let the unconventional name put you off. Pzizz is a fascinating app that has helped thousands of people fall asleep faster and get better quality sleep.

The app has countless sound sequences for helping you sleep called “dreamscapes”. These are carefully curated and combined sounds that are scientifically proven to help you go to sleep and sleep more deeply.

The app also has a legion of celebrity fans including famous author J. K Rowling and NBA star Roy Hibbard.

iOS / Android

4. Sleepscore.

Sleepscore is an app for those of you that have a competitive and goal orientated nature as this app taps into that tendency by monitoring and then scoring your sleep every night according to its detailed criteria.

It also allows you to set “sleep goals” such as “sleeping for longer” and “waking up less” and the app will show you how your sleep performed against those goals every night with a clear score.
It also provides a range of charts and graphs so you can see the quality and quantity of your sleep over time.

iOS / Android

5. Calm

Calm is one of those all in one sleep apps that focuses on getting you to sleep and improving the quality of your sleep as opposed to tracking your sleep and providing you with detailed, intricate sleep data.

The app is wildly popular and features guided meditations, breathing programs, sleep stories, stretching exercises as well as soothing music.
The meditation sessions are available for durations as short as 3 minutes all the way up to 25 minutes allowing you to choose a session most tailored to your experience level.

The sleep stories feature is especially popular, unsurprisingly, as they have gotten famous voices such as Stephen Fry and Leona Lewis to lull you into a state of relaxation.

iOS / Android

We’re hopeful that one or more of the apps will help you get a better night’s rest.

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