What is Latex? 


Latex is the soft white substance found beneath the bark of a mature rubber tree.


It is composed of about fifty-five percent of water and around forty percent rubber material. 


It is accumulated by cutting a thin strip of bark from the tree and allowing the latex to release into a repository over a period of hours. 


Latex is a natural plant substance, but it can also be manufactured through chemical processes. 


100% certified latex for our products: Una Mattress UK


Is latex sustainable?


is latex sustainable?


In the process of harvesting latex from the rubber tree, the trees are not harmed and thus, the latex deemed sustainable. Rubber tapers use a technique to harvest latex that has been passed on from generations. Derived from a sustainable resource – latex is biodegradable and recyclable. 


A cyclical method is used by latex farms to ensure new trees are always planted to replace ones at the end of their lifespan. A latex mattress can last 15-40 years, considerably longer than the 5-10 year average of regular beds. This means fewer mattresses and materials are consumed and discarded. Once the mattress has been used to its full capacity, the latex material can be recycled and will eventually degrade if placed correctly in a landfill. 


What is organic latex?


Organic latex is 100% natural latex without fillers and farmed without the use of pesticides and chemicals under the supervision of monitoring body(s). Organic latex is the cleanest you can buy, not just for you but for the planet as well. It contributes to a cleaner and better sleep in comparison to the traditional foam products available in the market. There are two major organizations inspecting and monitoring the wholesomeness of organic latex producers. One is GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard), which is the first organization to certify and monitor organic latex producers. The second is the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). These organizations monitor materials sourcing, fair trade practices, farming practices and wastewater treatment as well as the overall social and environmental impact of the product.


To learn more about why you should look to buy an organic latex product for you and your family, check out our blog here: ‘Organic Latex Mattress: 5 Reasons to Buy One Today’


Why do we use organic latex for our pillows?


Una Mattress uses 100% organic latex for our pillows for the perfect sleep experience. Our pillows ensure quality sleep along with utmost comfort that gently supports the contours of your head and neck. Organic latex lasts far longer than the other options in the market, contains no allergens, maintains a perfect sleeping temperature and relieves neck pains. When it comes to choosing the right pillow – we all have many different choices. What may feel soft and comfy to one person – may feel just the opposite to the other. Latex pillows are soft and quiet pillows. Yes quiet! You won’t hear a lot of ‘pillow creaking’ whilst you’re trying to sleep, nor will the other person beside you. That’s a great plus!

What is a latex pillow or a latex foam pillow?


Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for the overall health and well being in life. It’s important to be mindful of the quality, firmness, texture and the materials used to make a pillow that ensures quality sleep. Latex pillows are made from soft foam produced by the sap of rubber trees and are firm and conform well to your head and neck. It’s vital to sleep on a pillow that conforms well to your body’s contour and does not lead to a stiff shoulder or neck which further leads to a host of ailments. At Una Mattress our pillows are 100% organic certified and natural. Sleeping on an organic latex pillow makes the world of a difference, trust us!


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Are latex pillows toxic?


Natural latex pillows are considered safe due to the sought after extraction process. Latex is not treated with pesticides or other harmful chemicals and thus, are hypoallergenic. However, if you are prone to latex allergy then you might want to get a sample to test the product beforehand. Latex is known for its natural antifungal properties which makes it a hygienic yet comfortable pillow choice. As latex pillows are considered non- oxic they are also great for kids or babies.


How to wash/clean latex pillows?


Here is our top tips to how best to wash and clean your new latex pillow:


  1. Remove the fabric cover and gently hand wash it with a mild detergent
  2. Keep it away from direct sunlight
  3. Gently scrape off any dust or spot clean the pillow with a mild detergent
  4. Do not machine wash or hand wash the foam
  5. Keep away from direct sunlight or heat exposure 
  6. Do not dry the foam in the drier


Are latex pillows suitable for front sleepers?


For front sleepers, it is a challenge to find a comfortable pillow that feels just about right and ensures quality sleep. Latex pillows are designed in a way that the foam cuddles your head and neck with apt support. We recommend using latex pillows for utmost comfort while snoozing and thereby avoiding stiffness in the neck or prolonged neck aches. It is vital to note that the firmness should be just about right – not too soft or not too hard. 


It feels absolutely great to sleep on the front and even better when it’s on one of our very own, luxury 100% organic latex pillow by designed and manufactured with care, by Una mattress. 


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